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Water Damage Restoration

Water is essential for life, but should not run freely in your home!

An uncontrolled water release will follow the path of least resistance, affecting carpet and pad, drywall, baseboards, vinyl & wood floors, subfloors and cabinetry.

Within hours your home structure and contents are wicking up moisture that may discolor, warp and split, rust and cause non-reversible damage. Moisture will continue to cause damage the longer it is left before the drying process begins.

Mold can start to grow on contents and structure within 48 hours.

"Rapid response by a trained restoration professional is essential!"

As one of the most experienced water loss specialists in Southeastern Wisonsin, Nelson Clean Care can be trusted to handle your Emergency Water Damage needs. We are certified by the IICRC as a Water Loss Specialist. We have the most advanced equipment available to eliminate all unwanted moisture from your home or business.

  • Emergency Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Electronic instruments to find all moisture and prove it is dry
  • State of the art equipment
  • Documentation of dry down with isometric monitoring
  • Eliminate moisture in carpet & pad, sub floors, drywall, hardwood floors, etc.

Call 262-754-6855 for immediate help 24/7

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