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What is Scotchgard?

Scotchgard is an environmentally friendly product that surrounds carpet and upholstery fibers with an invisible barrier that protects against oil and water based stains as well as abrasive wear. Scotchgard products are flourochemical treatments that give excellent stain protection while offering enhanced enviromental, health, and safety benefits.

How does Scotchgard work?

The carpet and upholstery fibers are surrounded by Scotchgard during the application process. After the product has dried, there are four main beneficial results.

#1 - When spills and accidents occur, the customer has more time to remove the spot before it becomes a stain - helping ensure the carpet stays looking newer longer.

#2 - Scotchgard helps release stains more easily during professional cleanings as the technician uses spotting products specific to the fiber and spot.

#3 - Soil is more easily removed by regular vacuuming because it isn't "stuck" to the carpet or upholstery fiber, this allows the soil to more easily release from the fiber.

#4 - The carpet fiber has an extended life because soil is vacuumed out instead of building up on the fiber and at the fiber base. This soil will actually damage the fiber over time, through cutting & "pitting" of the fiber. The carpet will show more wear patterns and the appearance will change from "fresh and good looking" to "old, worn and soiled".

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