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Pet Odor Removal

Family pets are almost like family members

Your family's adorable pet may have accidents on your carpeting or upholstery sooner or later. In many cases our normal steam cleaning process will be all that is needed. In more severe cases, the urine has soaked through the carpet backing, into the pad, and even to the floor beneath.

To remove the odor associated with urine, we have to get to and find out how far the urine has gone. Usually, an inspection is needed before a cleaning plan can be created. The technician will uninstall the carpeting to determine how far the urine has contaminated. Then we can prepare an estimate for eliminating the odors.

Just a personal story here:

Kevin and Donna had a maltese for many years named Zoe. She loved to lay on the back of the couch (we think she thought she was a cat, as we had 3 of those in the house as well). When anyone would walk in the front door and pay attention to her, she emptied her bladder right into the top of the back couch cushion. Needless to say, this only occurred once or twice before Zoe was banned from the back of the couch and everyone who entered was told to ignore her until she was outside.

It took some serious work on Kevin's part, but eventually that cushion was free of any odor and Zoe entered into a consistent training program of frequent bladder emptying before anyone excited her.

Success; a happy dog, a happy family and a couch saved!! We have had our share of cat issues as well, but that is another story for another day!!

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