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Mold Remediation

You've probably seen or heard discussions in the news media about mold and how it can affect your health. Although the media can overdo it sometimes, truth about mold is the basis of most that is written. The reality is that you do not want to take chances with your family's or employee's health.

Mold spores are everywhere in our environment. All it takes to grow is a food source (wood, paper, paint, drywall, etc.), moisture and time. The best way to prevent mold from starting is to keep your home dry.

Mold has been directly linked to a number of health problems including sinus infections, asthma and other respiratory problems.Young children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems and pregnant women are most susceptible to health issues brought on by mold exposure.

Professional mold remediation done by Nelson Clean Care involves more than just getting rid of the mold that you see. It includes preventing the spread of mold spores, (which are microscopic), into other areas of your home. We remove the mold, it's food source, control air movement, protect you and our technicians from the mold, properly dispose of contaminated material and complete in-depth cleaning of the affected areas.

Project managers, estimators & crew chiefs are certified Mold Remediation Specialists through the IICRC, and will make sure mold in your home or business is removed properly.

Attic Mold

We get many calls regarding mold found in an attic. Many times it is because the house is being sold and the home inspector finds mold in his evaluation of the home. Typically, the buyer's loan process cannot continue until the mold found has been remediated.

Several cleaning and removal methods are available and will be discussed during your inspection, based on the specific remediation needs of your attic.

Please call 262-754-6855 and ask for a free Mold Inspection by one of our certified technicians.

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