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Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is a very durable and comfortable upholstery choice. However, it does need special care to maintain its beauty. Since leather is a natural material, it is important to clean it before it stains and soil penetrates the protective coating of the leather.

A proper cleaning by Nelson Clean Care, Inc will remove both surface soil and the soil that has been trapped in the grain of the leather. We will restore the leather's natural oils which leather tends to lose over time. The result is a soft, supple look with no greasy residue.

If you have invested in leather furniture, you probably know that leather actually gets better with age and could last much longer than fabric upholstery. Keep your leather furniture aging gracefully by calling on a regular basis for gentle cleaning.

If you enlarge the pictures to the right, you will notice that the uncleaned portion of the sofa or chair doesn't look that soiled, until it is compared to the cleaned portion. Then there is quite a difference. Through personal experience, we have found that newsprint really changes the color of a light leather recliner. If someone reads the newspaper faithfully from front to back, that leather furniture really needs a cleaning regularly. 

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