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Kevin Nelson 


Kevin Nelson and his wife, Donna, founded Nelson Clean Care in 1978. Kevin is a member of the MCRA (Previously the AWCC) and has served on the board of directors. Kevin also served on the Board of Directors for the Milwaukee Chapter of the IAQA. Currently his focus is on growth and development of NCC for the future.

His true passion is to help customers as they face unexpected crisis in their homes and businesses. Continual education regarding new procedures and equipment keeps his knowledge in the field fresh and up to date.

He is spending more time in the field and in training our Technicians as Bob has taken over more of the daily administration and Estimating that Kevin used to do. His heart has always been with our customers (not in the office at a desk) and you will find him excited about being a "Project Manager/Field Technician" again.

He holds 17 certifications with the IICRC  # 209 , including the following certifications:

  • Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist
  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Master Water Restorer 
  • Master Textile Cleaner
  • Master Fire & Smoke Restorer 
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning

Kevin has also received specialized training in Applied Thermography and is an EPA certified - Lead Safe Renovator

staff07.jpgDonna Nelson 


Donna has been involved in Nelson Clean Care, Inc from the beginning, sometimes full-time, sometimes part-time depending on needs of the family, homeschooling years, and other demands on her time.

Currently, Donna oversees sales and marketing, revenue planning and forecasting, human resources, personnel development, social media, and various other areas.

Some of the most enjoyable moments of the day happen when a long term customer calls and she actually remembers their names and a catchup conversation is held as their job is being scheduled. Recently one of our customers mentioned to the technician in their home that they have been a customer since Kevin & Donna had their first child "that was quite a while ago, how old is that baby today?" , our technician answered...36+ years!! Our customer was astounded and our technician was very surprised to meet a customer who had been calling us for her carpet and upholstery cleaning needs that long. 

  • No certifications held, anything technical has been learned on the job as Kevin's sidekick through the years!



bob.jpgBob Awadallah 

General Manager
Project Manager/Estimator 

Bob has truly worked his way through the "ranks", beginning with Carpet Cleaning, moving into Water Damage and then into Mold Remediation.

Beginning in May, 2014, Bob accepted a General Manager position here at NCC and has made many changes within the procedures and personnel to move NCC forward. We look forward to the years ahead with his vision and drive for the company.

When a customer is frantic because of the water, sewage or mold contamination in their home, he knows just what to say to bring a sense of calm into the situation, as he explains how their home can be restored.

Bob spent many years managing teams of employees before he was hired at Nelson Clean Care, and those skills have proven invaluable as we have grown. He holds multiple certifications with the IICRC #115311, including the following; 

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Applied Microbial Remediation

He is also certified with the EPA as a Lead Safe Renovator


staff01.jpgTony Tramonte 

Project Manager/Sales Rep

Tony has been with Nelson Clean Care, Inc for 30 years as of 2014. He has stayed committed through many changes over the years, big and small. He is the perfect person to represent our company in his many sales contacts and relationships that have been built within those years. 

Tony does the majority of our Mold Remediation inspections and is an expert in writing the scope for Bob to put into the Estimate for our customers.

Tony is always willing to jump back into the field when his experience is needed and has managed thousands of projects through the years. Because of his familiarity in every type of claim and his ability to walk customers thru their crisis, he is a vital part of the restoration process.

He holds the following certifications with the IICRC #4875 ;

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery & Fabric CLeaning
  • Journeyman Textile Cleaner
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Applied Microbial Remediation
  • Mold Remediation Technician - through ASCR

Tony is also certified with the EPA as a Lead Safe Renovator and has received specialized training in Applied Thermography.

(We also keep him around because he is an incredible chef in his spare time and gladly shares his newest recipes or spice discoveries)


DSC_0011.JPG Tanya Pakula 

Office Manager

Tanya joined the Nelson Clean Care team in early 2009. She brought years of experience in organization, financial tracking and customer service skills. From day one, she has been deeply involved with creating reports, handling customer concerns, operating as the hub of day to day activities and offering that consistant contact on the phone.

Tanya answers most of the phone calls and has an abundance of knowledge regarding all the different work Nelson Clean Care is known for. She can answer many questions or direct the call to the specific person within the company who is best suited for the question or concern.


staff09.jpgSara Keller 

Office Assistant

Sara is part-time and often answers the phones. Although her focus is Accounts Payables, Payroll and other financial areas, she also performs data entry, receives deliveries, and is always willing to help in all office duties.

Sara brings many years of experience to her position and is a vital part of our well run office.


shane.jpgShane Nelson

Carpet and Upholstery Technician

Shane is our Full-time Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Tech. He began working for Nelson Clean Care in 2004 and quickly became a favorite of our customers. He aquired several Certifications and uses that knowledge to the benefit of the customer.

For many years, Shane left from May through August to work at a Bible camp in the "Northwoods" of Wisconsin, we were very glad to take him back each September. He then spent a full year + as an intern at the camp and when he returned, he worked part-time with Jon as a 2 man team for about 4 months.

Shane returned to our Full-time position in February of 2015. He has the drive and passion to exceed our customers expectations and is especially known for researching troublesome spots or concerns that don't have an immediate solution.

Our customers have been thrilled with the results of that research. If you are scheduled with Shane, you won't be disappointed!!

He holds the following certifications with the IICRC ;

  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning



Jim_004_-_resized.jpgJim Archimede

Water Damage/Mold Remediation Technichian

Jim joined NCC in May of 2014 as a part-time field tech, primarily working with Adam and Kevin on Mold Remediation and Water Damage losses. His ability to learn quickly and attention to detail has made Jim a valuable asset to our team.  Due to his solid performance and heavy work loads, his hours continue to increase, as does his value to NCC.  He is also our tallest employee, which has certainly come in handy on many job sites!  

Jim is currently with the Navy, with Basic Training completed in Mid Winter 2016. We wish the best for him as he pursues his career within the Navy. We miss him as I am sure many of our customers do as well.


jon-bio.jpgJon Archimede 

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Technician

Jon joined the Nelson Clean Care team in April 2013. He received daily training from Shane, who moved "up North" in May and for several more months from our current staff. Jon is detail oriented and has been very successful with removing problem spots and resolving concerns for our customers.

We have received dozens of notes and phone calls from customers who have really appreciated Jon's cleaning in their homes.

Jon bought the Joke Shop in downtown Waukesha in Feb 2015. As he continues to grow that business, he often works for us when the calendar is heavily booked. He also works on our restoration jobs when needed.

Jon is IICRC certified #197624 in the following area:

  • Carpet Cleaning


Both "old" and "new" faces at Nelson Clean Care, Inc. 

Many of our long-time customers will recognize Kevin, Donna and Tony as the "faces" of Nelson Clean Care, Inc. But, over the past 10 years, we have added some new, and as you can see, "younger" faces. Those of us who have been with Nelson Clean Care for more years than we can even believe, are VERY glad to have the younger staff with us. With younger people comes energy, enthusiasm, a love for new technology and thirst for learning.

We welcome all of these attributes, and are very grateful for those who have chosen to join our team. We believe that our experience and desire to serve makes us different from our competitors. We fully appreciate the relationships we are building with our customers.

As a team, our staff desires to earn the respect and trust of those who invite us into their homes. We live in the communities our customers live in, we shop at the same stores, attend the same sporting events, perhaps even become friends outside of the work relationship.

Respect and trust can never be taken for granted.

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